The CGIAR Climate Resilience Initiative launched the CGIAR ClimBeR Work package – 4 (Governance for Resilience) at IWMI, Colombo, Sri Lanka on 10th April 2023

ClimBeR stands for Building Systemic Resilience against Climate Variability and Extremes and will run for an initial phase of three years (2022-2024) in six target countries: Senegal, Morocco, Zambia, Kenya, the Philippines and Guatemala. ClimBeR work package 4 focuses on implementing a bottom-up polycentric governance process that provides opportunities for self-organization and learning across systems, but independent decision-making for adaptation planning and implementation at a local level. This work package will: 1) develop and integrate bottom-up multiscale polycentric governance frameworks for reducing systemic cascading risks; 2) co-demonstrate transformative adaptation options with relevant actors to illustrate applicability across scales; and 3) co-develop “champions of change” to advocate polycentric multiscale governance to target local investments for empowering farmers, including women. In summary, the WP4 promotes an innovative and flexible theoretical framework that combines institutional, social and policy network approaches to understand power imbalances and cross-level interactions for a socially equitable transformative adaptation and implementing sustainable strategies in response to climate change.

Dr Sewwandhi Chandrasekara participated in the launching ceremony at the IWMI Headquarters, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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